[Exploration of Layers]

As we continue to work on all things [debut], the idea of “layers” has sprung to the fore. The music is significantly layered in a vertical and horizontal sense. Vertical meaning that we use one hell of a lot of instrumentation on pretty much every song – “Starting to Love it” had our mac pro at 97% – 3 basses, 3 hihats, 4 snares, etc – layer upon layer of music, stacking upwards to create the soundscape. Horizontal referring to the fact that as you move through a song that it will change character from perhaps an entirely electronic start to a live band and then on to something else – check out “Headf$#k” to see what I mean. Then there’s the layered meaning of the lyrics. What at first may seem to be a simple set of words often has hidden meanings  – a layer beneath the surface.

This layering concept of course applies to the film and art side of [debut]. We are now planning the video for “Sweet Little Girl” which will be directed by Danny Drysdale (The Killers, IAMX, etc) and we are very excited to share with you what will be a multi-faceted theme to a song that has been controversial since day one. Lastly, we just finished the art for the “Starting to Love it” EP (thanks to James and Sandbox designs) and thank heavens we had the foresight to know that “layers” we key to [debut] as this design took shape. It’s all coming together :)