[First New Song from the album now available!]

Hi everyone

I am thrilled to announce that the first, new song off “Postcards From Berlin” is now available to preview! I wanted to thank you for your patience and also give you something to get excited about while we finish up the album.

It was really tricky choosing which song to give you as quite frankly they are all sounding amazing however, I eventually chose “Want” as i think it’s a really great introduction to the project. It features long-time [debut] collaborator, Cyd Claire on vocals and is not like anything you will have heard before. It was recorded in 3 different studios. We did vocals, guitars and pre-production in my LA studio and the strings were recorded at the Hansa Meistersaal (Berlin). We then did piano in the main hall and drums and vocal parts in various halls and bunkers at UFO sound studios, again in Berlin. The end result is, well …. unique! Let me know what you think please!

To download the free mp3 simply go this Soundcloud link : https://soundcloud.com/debutsounds/want-album-mix/s-IHmmC

There are only 25 copies left available of the limited edition CD which includes a bonus track and a signed polaroid from Berlin. If you missed out you can pre-order it now at http://debutsounds.com/store

Lastly, the image here is taken from the films I’ve been directing that are part of the live show projections. I’ve been busy :) Gx