[It’s been so long] ….

yes, I know I’ve been quite silent for the most part of the past year or so but I’ve been busy preparing new things for you! First off, I needed to take a little down time after the craziness of early 2013. The whole process of creating EVERYTHING for the “Starting to Love it” and “Sweet Little Girl” releases was so manic and full on that it caught up to me and I basically needed a month off. Renewed I did a private studio live session with Sammidoll for friends, family and management in August to test the waters and start the creative process. We had a blast and there will be more from the two of us together in the future. Next up, I had to focus in on what I wanted to really present to the world and realized that I had to write the script for the “Home” film. One month later after many hours of sitting in cafes “being a writer” I finished it and I’m super excited to get to film it and share it and the music that goes with it with you all …. but not yet!!! one day! Next up, I was songwriting for the RedOne production team which was quite the experience, penning tracks for J-Lo. Not my usual thing but we wrote one track that I think might just be amazing! we’ll see whether or not miss Lo records it won’t we! And now, its time for the new EP or maybe album (depends on budget to be honest). It’s called “Postcards from Berlin” and you’ll be hearing about it VERY soon. ok, I’m off for a jack and coke …..