[Kickstarter Day #6] …… on the way

Well here we are 6 days in to the Kickstarter campaign and wow. Off to a great start with about $3k pledged so far and 40% of the initial goal reached. I have to say that it was sooo much work to even get the campaign ready that I was exhausted before we even launched. The video took about 2 weeks to get right and the actual process of creating the campaign, though logical and straight-forward, still took hours of thought and prep. So it was quite a relief to see the support and $ start to come in on Day 1 and the thoughts went from “OMG, this is never going to work” to “OMFG, I think we are going to do this!!!” video

The online blogs and magazines have also started to step up and help. Spill Magazine in Toronto and DJ Candy on the US East coast wrote about the campaign and are spreading the word. All this leads to a nicely positive feeling, though in reality all the hard work begins in earnest now.


So 25 days left to go and still 60% to raise which is no mean feat but we can do this. Please folks keep spreading the word and the URL posted here. I can’t do it without you. And once you’ve pledged don’t forget to email me your “note” – remember, you don’t need to be a singer to do this!! Send me your note, any note, even if its not in tune and I’ll take care of the rest – you will sound perfect in my “berlin choir” :)

cheerio :)