[Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll and ommmmm]

It occurred to me that as I try to write my blog each day that it should truly reflect who I am and what I think, rather than be some cheap slant on getting popular to sell records – not an obvious conclusion if you look at how people operate in the world today.

So, today, I’m feeling rather “ommmmm” or spiritual I guess. I often do. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as rock and roll as the next person. I enjoy drinking too much, naked girls, mischief and plenty of questionable behavior but I also have a very active spiritual side that is a living part of my daily consciousness.

To clarify, I’m not at all religious. In fact I’m largely anti-religion from the perspective of it’s “controlling and judging” nature, though I do get the common theme of “be a good person” that runs throughout. I just feel that if I need to worship a god to be acceptable then that god has a bigger ego than most rockstars and I know which I’m rather get all excited about! Which brings me back to me, today and my music work……

My music was never planned to be spiritual and certainly not preachy. Most of my lyrics are quite twisted and dark in many ways, however, I started to notice a theme of “globalness” to my work. The size of the productions, the collaborations with artists around the world and the desire to share it with many, many people. Quite simply, this feeling of “being connected” and that I’m one cell of a giant universal body and that I need to help nurture that body has started to show in my work, streamed from the universe.

It’s led to the “Home” album project which will be discussed more over the coming months of blogging but at it’s essence is the idea that the universe sends us signals to get us on track in life and to find our purpose. When we don’t or won’t listen we end up in situations that cause us pain (emotionally and physically) and never quite feel fulfilled. “Home” is about getting back on track, finding peace and fulfillment but at the same time enjoying this amazing 3rd dimensional existence that we are currently having and that includes sex, drugs and rock&roll