[The album is now finished]

Hi Everyone

Well finally, at long last, the album is finished. It’s been a long road to get to this point and I am absolutely knackered. However, I’m so pleased and excited to have this done and I really think that you are going to love it. I kept reminding myself in these last weeks to not cut any corners and to just keeping focused on making it the best it could possibly be. I can honestly say that we left no stone unturned and obsessively slaved over each sound, mix and song. Mission accomplished :)

The next step is to visit “The Mastering Lab” this Saturday and to hear the final mixes fully processed and ready for delivery. For those who don’t quite get what “mastering” is, it’s the process when all the song mixes are analyzed and tweaked by audio perfectionists to make sure that every frequency is 100%, that all songs are the same volume and that the mixes will translate to your car stereo, iPod or deluxe home speaker system. It’s the icing on the cake and the “Mastering Lab” is the best in the business for this.


I have also just recorded a very special audio commentary that discusses each song, it’s lyrics, and production. It is only going to be available to fan club members or purchasers of the limited edition CD which also comes with a unique signed polaroid from Berlin. There are only 25 copies of this limited edition package available so if you didn’t order one, grab it at this link while you can : http://debutsounds.storenvy.com/products/11094519-postcards-from-berlin-limited-edition-signed-with-polaroid

Lastly I am pleased to share with you now the album cover for the first time. It’s dark, intense and insular just like the album itself.

Peace, Love & Mischief